STREET ART in Singapore

D’Gers is a young French designer who comes from an advertising and marketing background. Her concept is based on the use of recycled green materials.  D’Gers wish to offer an art that is accessible to all. She want to offer through Art, joy and dynamism as a non- conformist style.
“Each artwork has a unique history and reflects my special feeling, after spending unique and  intense time in each...”

ART is for you : Free your mind & Open your creativity

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Children, Birthday, Holidays camps,
Adults, Ladies night,
Family, Private sessions

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accordingly your needs & Home’s design.

About D'Gers

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life’s treasures!

Events & Exhibitions

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Email to  or you can also give me a call /WhatsApp message :+65 9824 4036

About me French Fancy Touch

I stimulate the creativity that exists in each of us, offering a time of pleasure and imagination around original creation.
My tools and techniques are involving recycling and imagination.
My paintings follow an innovative style. Each artwork is a prototype made of paintings, sticking with fancy decorative accessories.

Human contact is essential to my personal development and creative inspiration. After having my work displayed in several exhibitions in France, I decided to come and live in Singapore to discover, share and exchange experiences through different techniques and trends.

What vibrant, bold and yet beautifully feminine style you have in your art! I am full of admiration at how the most ordinary and boring materials become suddenly alive and interesting in the collages.
Thanks for teaching us, and i look forward to seeing more of your art!