Make the difference with ART…

Offer your business added values …

Program Objectives :
Stimulate team identity
Create team experiences that enrich team spirit & interaction
Team works enhanced, and empowered among members
Getting to know each other outside of their usual work routine
Relaxed environment for team members
Tailored outcomes
Discover new competencies
Time management
New experiences
Creative thinking,
Open minded by subconscious event
Project management
Competitive element can add a little pressure if wanted

Team building

“Choose the perfect team building activity:
Going Art with FUN, STRATEGIC FOCUSED and COLLABORATIVE experience”.
It is more than simple event but:

Simple things can transform your company’s dynamics.

Art is a new amazing way to brainstorm ideas, relieve stress, and renew office morale ! And most important enjoy an imagination and creativity time during your event.

“Leave your spirit and open your mind to a fancy Creation”

Art connects in a profound way and the bonding is strong and deep.

It is original, new and a wonderful unrealistic experience. Everyone enjoy fun together to complete something that is encouraging for support each other and results can be impressive.
People become confident and happy.

My artistic concept offers unique, fun and effective team building workshop through art, imagination, creativity, and wellness.
Program of adults workshops : 
Sessions 3h – Material included
Theme and organization : depend on your enterprise objectives


Creative concept based on “Arno STERN Methodology” : Montessori practices

Offer Your school ART Sessions.
Give your students a fun way to improve their physical, and emotional well-being by using a new and creative process.

” Paint Your inner world “
with Passion, Fun, Intensity, Confidence, Satisfaction and new pleasure.

This method emphasizes the importance of free artistic expression and encourages emotional creativity.
It also supports the ego, helps to develop their identity and forsters growth.

Your students are more confident, quiet, purposeful and independent.
Participants release themselves from outside daily stimulation and concentrate on their internal feelings to paint.


Program of children workshops : 
Session 1h or 1h30
By group between 6-10 children
Material included – Collage with green & recycling materials
Use of paintings and fancies decorative elements.
Themes : depend on you, individual or commune creation
Frequency of session: one session by children or recurrent

price depends on your project – % reduction for long-term sessions


Techniques for children
with D’Gers guidance)

-Cutting, collage
-Use of recovery materials
-Painting/drawing with: stamp, finger, brush, cotton rod paint
-Concept of points, lines, colors, materials,
-Shape creation, construction, text sensitivity
-Awakening of touch with different materials, imagination

Art & Foods

Offer your customers additional entertainment  with ART Jamming.
Dynamize your place with a new fun event!


“Uncork your creative side painting around a drink, a dinner or a brunch!”

Customers are painting for the fun of it!
They are enjoying something different : free their mind, open senses with Passion, Fun, Foods, Drinks, and new pleasure.

This event is unique experience ; perfect between friends, family, colleagues or also to meet new people.
Wine, cocktail and foods are a great way to loosen up and to explore creativity especially if people don’t consider
themselves as an artist.

This is not standard Art classes; no serious teaching, only fun and imagination around a culinar time.
Let have a brush in one hand to explore creative sense, wine glass in the other, helping quell
nerves. No experience needed.
The place is nice with positive atmosphere, music, with good drinks and foods.


Program of Sip & paint workshops : 
Session between 1h-5h
Max 30 pers – organized by table
Material included – Collage with green & recycling materials
Use of paintings and fancies decorative elements.
Theme : A theme to immerse people in the experience or they can feel free to go off piste

price depends on your project – % reduction for long-term sessions


Exhibitions, Rental, Purchase of Artworks

You are looking for Artworks to decorate your office, restaurant, bar, meeting room, open space …

“Art creates spirit, unique atmosphere, brings motivation and well-being attitude in a company, “

Art develops imagination, opens mind, senses and procures positive feelings!

– You are organizing an event in your place, and looking for unique entertainment ; I can organize an exhibition to dynamize the event, and offer Art introduction to your audience.

-You want to offer your place a modern and original design. My Artworks can be Yours for a while ;
Purchase or rental solutions : rental can be flexible

-Others workshops-

Private event

Add some creative fun during your private event !

Play, connect, create :everybody will remember this new relaxing experience!
I organize your personalized program, according your event and needs.

Community Event

Create an original time for your audience!

We can organize workshops in your store, during your Fair for adults, children or family.
Also bring some fancy decoration thanks to my Artworks.

Let’s discuss your requirements , and find personalized solutions.