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Born in 1978, I grew up in franche-comte, a green region, favorable to spiritual imagination.
I studied “Beaux Arts” in Besancon, dynamic and friendly universitary place.
Later in 2004 I moved near the boundary with Luxembourg, favorable place to work in a multicultural atmosphere.

From my younger age, I enjoyed meeting new people, and mixing friends.
I loves to travel, exploring cultures, especially having time with people, taking photos and nurturing my interest for architecture, human nature and wildlife.

My artistic concept based on the use of recycled
green materials and I mix different techniques,
on a surrealist and abstract style

By our daily consumption, we have at home different materials; paper, carton, plastic, aluminum, tissues, decorative elements. My tools and work techniques also involve recycling and imagination. I stimulate the creativity that exists in each of us.
While offering a moment of pleasure and imagination around an original and fancy artistic creation.

My works are fully hand-made and unique; impossible to re-create 2 identic artworks. I want to offer joy and dynamism as a non- conformist style. Each artwork has a unique history and reflects special feelings.


Be Yourself, Free your mind… with fun.

Contact Details:

WhatApps :+65 9824 4036
Email : dgers.ltd@gmail.com
FB :#dgers feitouchi
Insta : #dgersentertainment