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Still continue to offer activities for children during your holidays ?

I am happy to share ith you some vidéos for DIY activities,

just have fun, enjoy and express your creativity.

I did those vidéos with my kids ; girls 8-10 y old – youngers or olders can do it ; the final works will be different as everybody has his own competencies and ideas.

You can leave your children watching the vidéos, or decide to enjoy your time making a craft.
Prepare all materials before, and let’s do Arts.

1- Drawing lesson :
How to draw a plant, with proportions and realism?
video link :

2- Mask with cardboard:
Create a maskwith old cardboard and paint


3- Drawing without remove the pen from the paper:

4- Drawing and patchwork collage:

mix drawing and collage with fabrics, vegetation to create a special portrait

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