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A full -time professional artist, founder of my own business aiming at promoting art for all, I was made aware of how lucky I was to be educated, to be a ‘normal’ person belonging to society.

Not everyone is that lucky, and we tend to take things for granted.
Kids with ‘special needs,’ adults with disabilities are not as lucky: everyday, they face challenges we wouldn’t even imagine. Everyday, they struggle to lead a ‘normal’ life.
I think of them, and I hold this cause close to my heart.

Today, I am donating $1 per mask sold to the profit of the charity, to Very Special Arts Singapore [VSA(S)]. VSA (S) is the leading non-profit charity organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs) to be involved in the arts sphere.

Hoping to make a better tomorrow, for everyone, with art.
Thank you for your help,

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