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D’Gers Artworks Exhibition

6 years ago, with my family we decided to take a curve for our career, kids’ education and explore new cultures   ;  We left everything in France and moved in Singapore, it was the beginning of a new exciting life for all of us !

My husband’s company proposed him a local  contract … so you need to find your own motivation and conviction to accept such deal, it was a big challenge compared to our life in Luxembourg.

Keeping in mind Mark Twain saying : “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it” – we made our move and since 6 years we continuously learning day after day ?

At the beginning our feelings were very mixed about fear, excitement and new challenges;  life is not a “Long fleuve tranquille” a French saying that means ,,, the river can be full of surprise, just stay positive !?

Sun of my life  


The Artwork was created  in France in 2016

When I created it, I knew that we were going to embrace a new life.

This artwork is full of positive vibes, love, hope and lights for the future.

The story of “Sun of my life” is described as below :

Sitting in front of my white canvas, I was working on a series of abstract Artwork, using different materials and mixing paintings techniques and then thinking at an idea to represent the sun.

At the same time my daughter came into my lab and she said out loud : ‘Mum , it looks like a Sun !” , this moment was so intense and positive : A new star was born !

The painting went through a series of transformation until perfection , it was my daughter’s inspiration !

I applied different  layers of texture and I mixed different styles of painting.

I put into light the deep relationship and connection I had with my daughter.

The sun of my life represent the symbol of life and the energy I found every day thanks to my daughter.

Meli Melo Flowers 


One of the first place I visited in Singapore was Garden by the Bay.

Garden By the Bay is famous for its architecture and its colourful lighted structure.

The place is entertaining several millions of tourists and locals every year through an amazing lights and musical show.

I love the curved and elusive shape that are representing the tree. 

The complexity of the structure allows it to have an amazing colours lights show, in the middle of the flowers ornament.

I created some texture with reliefs, wood boxes, & different papers, combined with aluminium , gold and silvers leaves, decorative flowers, pearls …

I used a mix of painting ; spray, acrylic calligraphy, the use of markers on the artworks are emphasizing the combination of technics used by the architect of Garden by the Bay.

With my Artwork, I wished to create a similar atmosphere and a nod and wink to this impressive architecture.



This artwork piece is special to me as it is the very first piece I created in my artist carrer. 

It was the beginning and the “opening”  of a new chapter in my life.

When we built our house, 10 years ago, I was looking for a very large,  abstract colourful and textured art piece to decorate our main wall in the living room.

I visited desperately some galleries, Art stores,  and I didn’t find what I was looking for, big, positive, energy….

So I decided to create myself an artwork that can sustain my expectations , and “Opening “ was created !

It ended up adorning one of our biggest wall in our house.

My educative background was in fine art studies, and then I started my career as graphic designer.

Creating Art is about expressing your inner feelings by combining different and complex technics.

Sensitive to the  environment, I started early to use recycling materials to create texture on artwork using papers, aluminium, coton, fabric and even medical compress 

With “Opening” I wanted to share with everyone that in Art :

There is no rule 

No perfection

Art is subjective  

Everyone is born artist , you only need practice, creativity, imagination and expression.

City night 

Lights are all over the place in Singapore, lights are everywhere, in the streets/ parks, condos, HDB …

That makes the city one of the most secured in the World.

I was very surprised with all the lights when I first arrived in Singapore.

I came from a small French village on the country side ; you can contemplate at night thousands stars on the sky.

City Night:

After a friend dinner, I was walking near Bugis area at night and I was going to take the MRT from Haji Lane.

I stopped at the traffic lights,  waiting my turn to cross the road.

I was contemplating with deep admiration the DUO Galleria building;

A lot of forms and  octagonal shapes, the shadow of the trees that were reflecting from the lights on the main roads.

This was an intense feeling and inspiration of my Artwork “ City Night”

In the lace


Whilst shopping for traditional lanterns with my kids, we ended up at a local store in Kovan. It was one of these many old local convenient stores where you find just about anything you can possibly think of.
It brought back old memories of my Grandma’s home, especially the curtain flying in the wind between the kitchen and balcony.
That was a typical set up in the South of France, the ingenious piece of fabric to keep the sun out while letting the breeze in.
The curtain was beautifully hand made, see-through, and meticulously ornated with beads and the finest details. The wind and sun passing through offered the sweetest melody of nature and day light. It was one of a kind of a show.

My grandma spent countless hours during lacework, be it for curtains, table runners or table cloths. I later inherited those cherished pieces and starting using them in my artwork series called “Sweetness” and “Lacework/In the lace”, to perdure the legacy of the famous curtain.

In these paintings, I used collage texture using the authentic pieces of lacework from my beloved Grandma.
For this Art piece, I used a shimmering green that offers a romantic yet vintage effect in the spotlight.

Moon night 


Back in October 2017, my 5 and 7 year old daughters were excited to take part in their first Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations happening in our condo.
Everyone prouldy carried a lantern, whether purchased or home-made, and gathered all around the pool to create a wave of light which reflected beautifully into the water.
The intensity of the lights varied throughout, with some candlelit, some battery operated, some LED’s.
My artwork uses transparent materials such as bubble wrap, plastic and organza fabric to depict the opacity of the lanterns. I used Chinese ink for reinforcement and to create movement in the picture.
This art piece is somewhat abstract yet figurative; Whilst the lanterns are clearly visible, it it seeks your inner interpretation and teases your imagination.

City Shapes

Light is used to highlight special features and bring the eye to unique details and shapes.

I like to mix day and night perspectives to create unique and surreal pieces, leaving the viewer dazzled and deeply touched.


City shapes represents 2 of the importants landmarks of Singapore, which both helped the City-State gain recognition, popularity, and a world-renowned reputation.

1. The groundbreaking architectural marvels that reimagine nature, called the Garden by the Bay; Millions of people visit this outstanding lush environmental icon every year. It is famously recognized for its sustainable design and functions which reflect Singapore’s strategic vision.

2. The impressive Port where just about everything goes in and out with the infamous containers. Food, fuel and all types of resources needed on the island, as well as tons of luxurious goods for retail and events. The port is the second biggest port in the World, and also caters to the re-export market on a mammoth scale. It plays a very important role in the economy of Singapore.

Walking ChinaTown


Chinatown is one of my favorite spots for its History, colourful shophouses, amazing stores and eateries.

It is always lively ; One can soak the atmosphere, vibe and culture instantly. Whether for the Uncle playing Mahjong sipping his kopi, or the Aunty doing early morning grocery shopping for the family, it’s always

bustling. The Market is offering and serving traditional fare, souvenirs and crafts, and the maze of narrow streets decorated with street art is also home to many places of worship. Chinatown is a must see for every visitor, and a continual discovery for residents alike. Its spirit will stay with you long after you leave.


I created 2 different series about Chinatown;

This first one is a mix of drawing and collage based on half a dozen photographies I took during my first visit to Chinatown. Drawing plays an important part in keeping with the proportions.

The collage is offering a fancy and unique deciphering. I use bright colors to depict a fast paced yet pleasant and harmonious environment. When the sun is out, where the light reflects on the buildings’ facades, my colors become more intense.

This is an « abstract » analysis of Chinatown largely based on the taller buildings and the complexity of its architecture. This outlook focuses on Business, to edify the success of Singapore owing to the amazing merchants who first set foot and to this day still run their stalls or businesses in old Chinatown.



The second artwork uses a different approach addressing Mixed Media :

First, I use professional prints of my own photographs;

Then, I freehand printed the ink on the canvas (using a long process that consists of removing all paper by using finger touch???). This slow and lengthy process can take up to a week, but the special effect and outcome makes the artwork unique and genuine, and the process worthwhile. I love it dearly.

Last but not least, the pleasure lies in drawing some parts of the picture, as well as adding paint texture.

I combine different Art techniques to proffer my unique style, which is somewhat between abstract and figurative. Pictures are used to help visualize proportions and give a vintage twist to the artwork.

I like this process by which I can tailor any artwork based on your own story.


40*40 cm

When I moved to Singapore 6 years ago , I was aware of the Nation’s wide range of cultures, ethnicities and religions living harmonioulsly as one people. One quickly feels at home in such a tolerant community.

Every neighbourhood has its Church, Mosque or Temple to cater to every residents’ needs to practice their own religion freely. Religious celebrations of all sorts are marked by days off for all, enabling people to mix and learn from each other on the occasion.

Chinese, Malays and Indians are the main Ethnicities in Singapore. Everyone has cohabited peacefully since the creation of Singapore. Additionally, many expats live and contribute to the local economy, such as but not limited to the French, English, Americans, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, etc …Together they make Singapore even richer, a plural nation unlike any others.

This Artwork reflects the different culture and ethnies.

King of Taste 


Durians are commonly associated with South East Asian cuisine, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam. Whilst only one kind is sold internationally, there are many species of the Durio tree consumed around various producing regions, and they can have different taste. Durian lovers will report flavours of cheese, almonds, garlic, caramel, sometimes all at once!!! With these particulars and its unique olfactive element, you probably don’t want to taste it.


But as a local resident, most of my friends eat Durian, so I decided to give it a try.

“First time, it was not so bad lah”, surprisingly not disgusted, except for the long lasting bitter taste.

The second time, I was invited to a wonderful Durian tasting by my friends. There were 3 different types ; bitter, creamy, and sweet. Savouring Durian suddenly felt like a celebration, I enjoyed the full degustation, and felt blessed to have been served this delectable fruit. I did come out with a favourite which was the creamy one.


So when I created my Artwork “Durian”, I vouched for the texture of the fruit using relief painting, and elected golden leaves to portray the fruit’s powerful taste. The flower brings sweetness and glamour, as I like to boast the notoriety of the fruit and all the folktale around it.

Mbs/ Mrt 



Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. At its opening in 2010, it was deemed the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion.

Locally, MBS is known as the place to indulge in top shopping, dining and recreational experiences.

The building design is inspired by a deck of cards; two playing cards are leaned against each other to form a triangle and a flat of one’s hand is placed which exerts a little pressure, leading to bending the card inwards.

The 57-storey towers host a hotel, a 340-metre-long rooftop terrace, and a 151-metre long swimming pool.

“As part of the continuous necklace of activities surrounding Marina Bay, the complex forms a gateway to the city. Seen from ships anchored at sea, the two windows created by the towers and sky park frame the vistas towards downtown Singapore.”


Personally, I like MBS’s view, its outline, the amazing view from atop, and the way its faces both the city and the sky. It is not however my favourite place, as I cherish actual historical and cultural buildings.


In just five decades, Singapore has emerged as one of the world’s most progressive economies.

I decided to create this artwork to acquaint you with the majesty of the City-State, highlighting the Central Business District (CBD) and MBS with gold leaves and texture paper.


I represented the sun as a Singapore S$1 coin because the $1 coin is known for its positive and prosperous shape. Why ? Because Singapore’s one-dollar coin is enscribed with an octagon shape which looks like the Chinese ba gua. The ba gua, which literally translates to ‘eight areas’, represents eight symbols commonly used in Taoist cosmology. An urban legend says that Lee Kuan Yew consulted a feng shui master who said that the construction of MRT tunnels would bring bad feng shui. So in order to circumvent that, every Singaporean would need to have a ba gua displayed; and the $1 coin was brilliantly designed to please everyone, regarldess of their religion.

The second Artwork represents the MRT and its connections, used by millions of people everyday, to go to work.
with long corridors and deep staircases, can feel the energy of the business and activities. 

2 8

50*70 cm

One must be aware of Chinese superstitions and numerology, and most Chinese are prepared to spend big money for “lucky numbers” in their life.

In Chinese culture, people believe that lucky numbers can bring them good luck and fortune. So, it is important for them to choose a good number for wedding dates, moving household, car license plates or telephone numbers.

2 (二, ÈR) – LUCKY

The Chinese believe that doubles bring blessings. Many decorations for celebrations come in pairs, and gifts are also given in even numbers. For Chinese New Year, banners are placed symmetrically on both sides of the door

8 (八, BĀ) – LUCKY

8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture because 八 sounds like 發 (fa), which means “wealth”, “fortune”, and “prosper” in Chinese…

My mum lives in an anonymous and uneventful town in Eastern France (except for the song by Jacques Brel), called Vesoul. My family and I love gathering there on special occasions. The number of the house is 28.

Eight being my favourite number, and having two daughters, It was simply natural and long established that I would create works using numerology, namely numbers 2 and 8.


I can work with others numbers and also customize the background depending on your personality and beliefs.


Flying butterflies  




The element used here is vegetation and foliage, highlighting once again the importance of nature, biodegradation and recycling or composting. Natural wonders, big or small, are everywhere.

I spray painted the leaves that are used as stencils.

Then butterflies were drawn with Chinese ink and acrylic, and the wings ornated with gold to depict the butterfly effect: the idea that a small change can result in much larger differences.

The conceptual idea is envisioned with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a tornado. Can you see the silver lining?


Consuming is reassuring



This artworks relays a message against the daily habit of consuming. It is French, just like me.

Hereby, I want to condemn the commercial strategies and marketing campaigns of brands and stores which wrongfully attract new consumers by advertising “sales” and by invading people’s minds. The big “sales” is an example of how your brain can be tricked into thinking you’re saving money on something you’re actually spending on.


I used packaging from various fruits and vegetables, creating a mixed media artwork with a collage of mall brochures and catalogues.


Bright colours are there to be visible, as to represent the SALE from far .

By means of my work, I express my stand on mass consumption, and consumerism that destroys our environment.




When she was 6y, (just before all family moved in Singapore) My first daughter used to tell me every night, “mum , I loved you so much as millions of microns,”
I felt it so sweet because millions and microns are opposite units of measure.

This sounds like fairy tales, admiration, eternal and passionate love, and dreams between mother and daughter.
Then I decided to create this artwork, featuring the infinite with happy and bright colours.

I used iced relief paste and glass pearls to freeze this expression of intense love for ever.

Then depends on you to always keep this expression as positive as much it can be ; it is a philosophy to keep in mind to stay strong and open minded.




The Chinese character Fu (福) means happiness, blessing, and good fortune. People across China have the tradition to paste this character on their doors or windows during the Spring Festival to greet the Chinese Lunar New Year (which falls on February 5 this year). They believe doing this will bring good fortune.

Chinese culture: five blessings, also known as the “Five Happiness” or “Five Good Fortunes”, which refer to longevity, wealth, health and composure, love of virtue, and the desire to die a natural death in old age.

The Chinese character Fu (福) meaning “fortune” or “good luck”. Fu (福) are a widespread Chinese tradition associated with Chinese New Year and can be seen on the entrances of many Chinese homes worldwide.

As the Lunar New Year approaches — this year on Feb. 12 — families in China often decorate their front doors with an upside-down ‘fu’ symbol. ‘Fu’ means luck, and this tradition is all about getting lucky

For me it was essential to propose an Artwork dedicated to prosperity. Since I am leaving in Singapore, I learn about cultures, I have many locals friends and this Callygraphy French-chinese version is for them, and my new home Singapore.




Last summer, I visited my family and friend in France, enjoy food, bounding time, loves after so many months of covid and stress.

With childhood friends, we organized a weekend in Lyon, between adults and children ..
4 days of parties and fun

Lyon is recognised for its cuisine and gastronomy, as well as historical and architectural landmarks; as such, the districts of Old Lyon, the Fourvière hill, the Presqu’île and the slopes of the Croix-Rousse are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Lyon was historically an important area for the production and weaving of silk. Lyon played a significant role in the history of cinema since Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinematograph there. The city is also known for its light festival, the Fête des Lumières, which begins every 8 December and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of “Capital of Lights”.
We visited “confluence museum”

A truly unique piece of architecture, a centerpiece of the revitalization of an old industrial neighborhood. The museum itself has an interesting collection of objects underscoring the history of man and his relationship with nature, with many indigenous art included.

IT remind me Cabinets of curiosities, also known as ‘wonder rooms’, were small collections of extraordinary objects which, like today’s museums, attempted to categorise and tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world.It frequently uses animals.

Idrew my inspiration for this canvas, both from the cabinets of curiosities and at
the same time from the countless species of birds at Singapore.