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Schools workshops

Creative concept based on “Arno STERN Methodology” : Montessori practicesOffer Your school ART Sessions.
Give your students a fun way to improve their physical, and emotional well-being by using a new and creative process.

” Paint Your inner world “
with Passion, Fun, Intensity, Confidence,
Satisfaction and new pleasure.

This method emphasizes the importance of free artistic expression and encourages emotional creativity.
It also supports the ego, helps to develop their identity and forsters growth.

Your students are more confident, quiet, purposeful and independent.
Participants release themselves from outside daily stimulation and concentrate on their internal feelings to paint.

Program of workshops :

  • Long term educative project : Learning Art, Street Art
  • Extra schoolar Activities  : additionnal activities for children, after school
  • Punctual sessions : Mother day gift, Artworks creation

Techniques Programm :
with D’Gers guidance)

  • Cutting, collage

  • Use of recovery materials

  • Painting/drawing with: stamp, finger, brush, cotton rod paint

  • Concept of points, lines, colors, materials,

  • Shape creation, construction, text sensitivity

  • Awakening of touch with different materials, imagination

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