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Going Art with FUN, STRATEGIC FOCUSED and COLLABORATIVE experience”.

Simple things can transform your company’s dynamics.

Art is a new amazing way to brainstorm ideas, relieve stress, and renew office morale ! And most important enjoy an imagination and creativity time during your event.

Leave your spirit and open your mind to a fancy Creation

Art connects in a profound way and the bonding is strong and deep.

It is original, new and a wonderful unrealistic experience. Everyone enjoy fun together to complete something that is encouraging for support each other and results can be impressive.

People become confident and happy.

My artistic concept offers unique, fun and effective team building workshop through art, imagination, creativity, and wellness.

  • Program of adults workshops : Sessions 3h – Material included
  • Theme and organization : depend on your enterprise objectives

Program Objectives :

  • Stimulate team identity
  • Create team experiences that enrich team spirit & interaction
  • Team works enhanced, and empowered among members
  • Getting to know each other outside of their usual work routine
  • Relaxed environment for team members
  • Adaptive challenge
  • Discover soft skills: Creative thinking,
  • Strategy & Time management
  • Social and environmental responsibility

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