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Corporate Services


corporate masks

Welcome your collaborator at the office, by providing them confortable, original, artistic and corporate masks,

Take care of your people making them safe and proud to be part of your entity.

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corporate Art Gifts

Offer new experience with well-being & happiness to your collaborators and customers by providing them unique Art crafted gifts from D’Gers new collection.

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Team building : Going Art with fun, strategic focused and collaborative experience”. Simple things transform
your company’s dynamics.
ART offers surprises.. Let’s try

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Personalised design for your corporate brand

I create for you , your unique design , that you can use for your business and customers gift

Unique piece of Art for your corporate branding

Corporate offices, private office, meeting room, VIP salon, loundge, cafetaria ; always a place for ART.
ART brings inspiration, bonding and experiences.

” Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”  Andy Warhol

Hello Art

D’Gers new collection “Hello Art” is oriented Art Accessible for all.
The artist wants to share her Art concept around fashionable products, by considering the environment.
She is the only one using upcycling materials for her artworks in Singapore.




Team building : Going Art with fun, strategic focused and collaborative experience”. Simple things transform
your company’s dynamics.

  • Stimulate team identity
  • Create team experiences that enrich team spirit & interaction
  • Team works enhanced, and empowered among members
  • Getting to know each other
  • Relaxed environment
  • Adaptive challenge
  • Discover soft skills: Creative thinking,
  • Strategy & Time management
  • Social and environmental responsibility


Give your students a fun way to improve their physical, and emotional well-being.
Extra schoolar activities- Educative long term project – Punctual interventions

This method emphasizes the importance of free artistic expression and encourages emotional creativity.
It also supports the ego, helps to develop their identity and forsters growth.

Your students are more confident, quiet, purposeful and independent.
Participants release themselves from outside daily stimulation and concentrate on their internal feelings.


Offer your customers additional entertainment with ART Jamming.
Dynamize your place with
a new fun event!

This is not standard Art classes; no serious teaching, only fun and imagination around a culinar time.
Let have a brush in one hand to explore creative sense, wine glass in the other, helping quell nerves. No experience needed.
Your place is nice with positive atmosphere, music, with good drinks and foods. Let’s Enjoy


Private Events : Make your VIP customers unique with creative fun time

Exhibitions, Rental, Purchase of Artworks:
Office, restaurant, bar, meeting room, open space.
Make your place modern with original design

Community Event / Art murals