Each Artwork is unique creation. If you are interested by an Artwork, contact me to have more details for shipment, price, delivery.


Singapore Skyline & Sweetness, Feelings



VSAI am donating $1 per mask sold to the profit of the charity, to Very Special Arts Singapore [VSA(S)].

Hoping to make a better tomorrow, for everyone, with art.
Thank you for your help – more about my donation ; visit my page about me


Art pieces available in Posters

 A2 format : 90$ – 150$ framed
A3 format : 50$ – 90$ framed 

Hello Art

D'Gers new collection “Hello Art” is oriented Art Accessible for all.
The artist wants to share her Art concept around fashionable products, by considering the environment.
She is the only one using upcycling materials for her artworks in Singapore.